LITOSTROJ RAVNE LTD. Manufacturer of high quality custom-made industrial hydraulic and mechanical presses for sheet metal forming with nominal force from 400 to 40.000 kN, with length of a table up to 8 meters.

Address: Koroška cesta 15, 2390 Ravne na Koroškem, Slovenia
T: +386 2 870 7859, F: +386 2 870 7858, E:

VAT ID: SI24628492, Registry number: 1875990000


Press SE4-2500 being installed in Kaluga

Transfer Presses The skills and know-how of Litostroj RAVNE experts, the innovations and solutions being evolved and implemented in mechanical and hydraulic presses for more than forty years, are perfectly brought into use and combined in excellent custom designed TRANSFER PRESSES, which are a superior products of Litostroj RAVNE.


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Ravne brand originates from 400 years of steel milling tradition. The presses production of mechanical and hydraulic presses for steel and sheet metal forming industry have been performed for more than 45 years. In this period, various mechanical and hydraulic presses and press line equipment were produced.
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Litostroj Ravne Ltd.

Ravne Presses - Qualty , Presses Production

Ravne Presses - Qualty , Presses Production

Ravne Presses - Qualty , Presses Production

When the best is not good enough…

Quality is the basic principle of company. Quality is monitored by the sistem approach and computerized business system which includes production, research, development, technology, marketing and analysis.Continuous improvement of processes is our strategic direction. The systematic approach we constantly exceed costumer requirments and achieve business target.

Quality management is supported by certificate ISO 9001.

Quality and saftey of our products

Based on several years of experience on the field of engineering, the company has introduced a full quality assurance system for (design and manufacture) of all types of mechanical and hydraulic presses. This will be the adequacy of our quality management system review and validated by SIQ.

Standards, regulations and cerifications

- Certificate for management system ISO 9001:2008
- EC Approval Certificate of a quality assurance system in accordance with Article 12.3.C. (Annex X) of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.
Ravne Presses Ltd. - Qualty